Kimberly Wahlberg carries products by Eat My Sock

Cool and unique shaped socks


EAT MY SOCKS is a sock brand created by Jaime and Elodie, a young couple living in Barcelona. Both have the same life philosophy: Life is a game, and we shouldn’t take it too seriously!

After founding several successful gift brands over the last 15 years, they decided to create EAT MY SOCKS.

At EAT MY SOCKS they design unique socks shaped as unexpected objects. From their food collection, which includes a wide range of models such as cheeseburger, sushi, and pancake socks, to their trend line including fun forms like animals, flowers, and other trendy icons, EAT MY SOCKS offers a large collection of creative, edgy, and playful socks, all of which guarantee 100% surprise and are a perfect wow-factor gift!

Opening order $350

Reorder $250