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Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me believes that everyone deserves to be loved, recognized and accepted for who
they are. Pieces of Me designs meaningful jewelry to embrace the value and self-worth that’s found in every beautifully unique personality.

I want to give people a little piece of positivity among all of those pressures to remember that they have strengths and a UNIQUE personality that they need to remember and embrace. When our pieces are given as a gift, it’s a direct reminder that shows exactly why you love and cherish someone for exactly who they are.

–Elsa Voss, Founder

Their jewelry line, offered in both Gold & Silver, consists of cuff bracelets, disc necklaces, trait charms, accent charms and earrings, are all individually stamped with a unique design which acts as a visual representation of one of our many traits.

Minimum Opening $750

Minimum Reorder $250


$1500+ – FREE displays

$1000+ – receive FREE GWP (12 keychains -$240)

3% off jewelry opening orders


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